Scenar Treatment Testimonials

50/50 Chance it was Multiple Sclerosis

Business woman, age 45:
Eight years ago I began to feel unwell. The first symptoms were slightly blurred vision in my left eye, involuntary movement of my toes and fingers, slight tremors all over my body and waking up tingling all over, weakness in body, headaches and I felt extremely nervous and anxious all the time. My doctor put me on anti-depressants which I took for one year and diazepam which I took for 3 or 4 months.

I saw a neurologist and underwent an MRI to be told I had inflammation of the brain and there was a 50/50 chance it was MS.

Symptoms have come and gone over the past 7 years – none of them serious but also none of them normal. I saw an advertisement in my local paper for Scenar Therapy, I had never heard of the therapy before however on reading the article it sounded fascinating.

Initially I had an appointment twice a week for two weeks reducing to once a week and then once a fortnight. Now I only have a treatment every six to eight weeks to maintain my health. When I started the treatment with Nuala the greatest difference I noticed was my mental clarity and I had a more positive attitude. Over a year later I have no pain or tingling I feel I have my life back. Scenar is an amazing therapy; other family members have had treatment for various complaints all with the same positive results. I know it has made a great difference to my life.

Fracture & Nerve Damage

Bernie, age 42:
I had a bad fall breaking my wrist in two places and had nerve damage to my neck. Initially the Consultant informed me that due to the nature and complexity of the fractures I would be in plaster for a period of twelve weeks. I started Scenar treatment within 48 hours of the accident. The fact that Scenar could be worked on the opposite arm and relieve the pain on the injured arm was amazing. On a review appointment the Consultant was impressed to see how quickly the fractures were healing resulting in the cast being removed in six weeks. The Consultant confirmed the neck injury as a severe whiplash and with receiving the Scenar Therapy I made a full and pain free recovery. The whole experience has given me faith in complementary therapies and has encouraged me to take responsibility for my own healing. Nuala’s passion for Scenar therapy was truly inspirational

Industrial Injury - Fibromyalgia

Philip, age 49:
Following an industrial injury 9 years ago I had to have 3 operations to repair multiple breakages and crushing injuries to my lower left leg. Between medication for pain and the onslaught of depression I was taking up to 20 tablets per day which was leading to other health issues. I was then diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, meaning more medication.

So I started looking for alternative remedies, trying various herbal remedies, acupuncture and acupuncture with electrodes which was helpful at the time. I saw the advert for Scenar Therapy and decided to give it a try. I decided to try 10 treatments. After 5 treatments I was able to reduce my intake of pain killers, and was feeling better in myself. I have now had over 10 treatments I feel great and now have the chance to get back into part-time work which is a cure on its own. I believe that this was made possible by getting the Scenar Therapy treatment. I continue to have treatments to maintain my health.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow & Tendinitis

Shauna, age 20:
I have suffered for a number of years from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and found laxatives to be unsuccessful. I tried various alternative therapies, each relieving the problem for a short period. I also began to suffer from tennis elbow and tendinitis. I attend for physiotherapy to no avail and had to take time off work. I have now completed a course of Scenar treatments and found this to be the first therapy to actually treat the irritable bowel successfully and not just the symptoms. In two weeks I was back at work as both conditions had been treated successfully. This is a truly amazing device and I am forever grateful to Nuala for her expertise.


Dee, age 40:
I have endometriosis which was diagnosed 10 years ago. I find the Scenar treatments help to reduce period pain, PMT symptoms and bring the enjoyment back to my life. Adam, my 6 year old son, suffers with constipation. Scenar treatments are so very gentle and nurturing. From the age of 3 years, he has readily received and asked for the 'tickly machine'. If I lived closer to a Scenar therapist I'd definitely have regular treatments for the health benefits and the feel good factor.

Healing Blanket Therapy

Orla, age 49:
I find the Scenar treatment so relaxing, especially when Nuala wraps me in the Healing Blanket at the end of the session. I usually have a short sleep, I feel fantastic, really energised, all the stresses of the world gone!

Cruciate Ligament Injury

Peter, age: 17
Following a football injury, I severed my cruciate ligament. During reconstructive surgery severe cartilage damage was also repaired. Within 24 hours post-operation I received Scenar therapy and continued daily for 5 days.

My pain was reduced by at least 50% in the first few sessions with significant reduction in swelling and numbness. After each session I also experienced improved mobility. With receiving the Scenar Therapy I have not needed to take pain killers.

Tennis Elbow

David, age 39:
I had tennis elbow for two years and had one cortisone injection but was reluctant to repeat this though the pain was dominating my life. After six Scenar treatments I was pain free. I went on a fly fishing break and experienced no pain throughout the weekend. Two years later I have no symptoms.

Torn Ligaments

Alan, age 35:
As a recreational rugby player, I sustained torn ligaments in my left shoulder approximately ten years ago. This was restricting my every day living, with driving and computer work being most affected. Due to the chronic nature and time lapse from the injury recovery was slower but after 10 treatments I was pain free and able to fulfil my day-to-day activities.

Repetitive Strain Injury

Paula, age 39:
I have been playing the violin for many years now and this has resulted in repetitive strain injury - extreme neck, shoulder and back pain and bad migraines. In order to combat this ongoing pain, I have explored a number of different types of treatments like physiotherapy, acupuncture, deep-tissue massage, relaxation and yoga. Although each of these options has given me some relief, I have always felt that I wasn’t actually getting to the core of the pain. In addition to this, I was becoming quite reliant on pain-killers, which I wasn’t very happy with. When your body is experiencing strain or pain on a regular basis it will obviously have a knock on effect on your general well-being, and this was apparent in my case. I found myself becoming very lethargic and always very tired, often reluctant to go anywhere, which was quite contrary to my personality. One night, after a very long rehearsal, my neck and shoulders were in desperate pain. On seeing the agony that I was in, another musician recommended that I should go for Scenar Treatment.

At this stage, I was prepared to give anything a go! Now, a few weeks on, I have had 5 treatments and the difference already is just amazing! I have movement in my neck that I haven’t experienced in a long time and I have been able to do without pain-killers - the headaches are on the decrease and my energy levels have increased! I can only describe myself as 'a new woman', thanks to the expertise and the excellent care, attention, patience and time that I have received from my therapist Nuala. You have rekindled my 'zest for life' Nuala and for this I am eternally grateful.

Old Injury & Nerve Damage

Sam, age 64:
Forty years ago I suffered gunshot wounds to my lower spine. My left leg was paralysed and I have suffered chronic pain ever since. To assist my mobility I use a calliper and elbow crutches, this has led to neck, shoulder, and arm and wrist pain. I have had nerve block injections, used a TENS machine, had a spinal implant procedure, been prescribed countless pain relief pills by doctors, none of which have given enough relief to justify their side effects. I have also used alternative treatments such as herbal remedies, acupuncture, hypnosis and physiotherapy.

Depression, thoughts of life not worth living, not wanting to go out to meet people, unable to socialise. The invisible side to living with chronic pain, unknown and not understood by most people. Pain can and does rule your life. Recently I saw an advertisement for Scenar Therapy, had I not been in deep pain I might have dismissed it. However I made an appointment and met Nuala O’Hare. I had ten treatments and something definitely was happening. The pain in different areas of my body was definitely responding to the Scenar Therapy and reducing. My ability to sleep was improving, constipation less of a problem, and I have more energy. I found the therapy also gave me a feel good factor.

It is now eight months since I had my first treatment, I have been able to do maintenance work around the house all summer. I am in a lot less pain and have a more positive mental attitude and feeling the better for being able to reduce my intake of painkillers.

. It deserves to be better publicised.