What is SCENAR Therapy?

Scenar therapy is an excellent form of treatment for many complaints, acute or chronic, which have failed to respond to other therapies. Scenar is a patented signal identical to the body's own neurological signals. This signal has been found to have a positive and beneficial effect on the body, restabilising balance and homeostasis. This signal works on a cellular level enabling profound and long lasting healing to take place. It literally speaks the body's own language.

How SCENAR Works

The Scenar device uses Biofeedback to enable the body to heal itself. The device sends out a series of constantly changing signals through the skin and measures the response.

When this balance is disrupted due to trauma or disease the Scenar device can re-establish and reactivate the bodies’ natural self balancing capabilities. This stimulation of the bodies own adaptive systems can bring about some of the powerful changes the body may need to restore itself back to balance and health.

In Germany, over a thousand GP’S have incorporated the Scenar device into their medical practice.
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Why is SCENAR different?

The SCENAR device produces a very special type of signal unlike other types of electo-stimulators. This unique signal influences a special type of nerve fibre (called "C" fibres), which activate the body's natural healing mechanisms.

1. When applied to the point of pain, the SCENAR device also triggers the brain to release powerful pain relieving substances called endorphins into the bloodstream.

2. The SCENAR device emits an electro magnetic signal which is almost identical to the human nerve signal, producting neuropeptides which rapidly advance healing.

Additionally, the SCENAR device measures the individual's response to its signal, creating a "dialogue" between the device and the patient. With other similar devices, each signal is the same; this allows the body to adapt to them, losing their effectiveness. Each Scenar signal received by the patient is different from the previous one and therefore the body continues to respond.

How many SCENAR sessions will I need?

General health, quality of diet, stress levels, and the nature of any previous illnesses will all affect how quickly the body responds, especially with chronic conditions. The nature of the condition, the degree of pain and urgency will all have an effect on the frequency of treatments.

Initial intensive treatment for acute conditions, post surgical or recent injuries is the most successful. For most other conditions a treatment once or twice a week is usually sufficient, as you see improvement increasing the time between treatments. For chronic conditions, a typical course of treatment is 6 to 12 sessions, followed by regular treatments to help prevent recurrences.

Benefits of SCENAR

  • Remarkable levels of pain reduction and functional recovery. 
  • Often able to break through where nothing else has. 
  • Non-invasive, non-toxic, free from side effects. 
  • Long-lasting or permanent results

Can everyone receive Scenar?

Scenar is totally safe and suitable for all ages.

The only major contra-indication for Scenar is electrical implants such as cardiac pace makers.

In conjunction with the Scenar therapy, I use a Therapeutic Multilayer Healing Blanket to promote healing and give you a rest from the stress of modern day life.(click for more details)