Healing Medical Blanket

The Therapeutic Multilayer Medical Blanket is another state-of-the-art therapy invented in Russia. It is made of polyurethane interwoven with shielding layers of metalized film.

The Healing Blanket is designed to shield the body from all external electromagnetic fields. It also reflects the body's own energies back on itself to rebalance the electrical field.

This safe, non-invasive therapy is used to rebalance and strengthen patients. It is effective in the treatment of a wide variety of problems.
Used in conjunction with Scenar therapy, the Therapeutic Multilayer Healing Blanket can correct the body’s imbalances; excess energy which is constantly leaving your body is capable of being re-absorbed into your deficient/weak areas in order to promote healing.

At the end of each Scenar treatment you will have the opportunity to experience the healing blanket, however this will reflect on the nature of your complaint and if time allows.

The Healing Blanket gives you a welcome and healing rest from the stress and ailments of modern day life.

I use the Therapeutic Multilayer Medical Blanket in conjunction with:
Scenar Therapy, Reflexology, Massage & Hopi Ear Candling
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